Video production process

There are several steps that you must follow during the video production process (mariusloland). In order for you to record good videos, you must follow the correct steps. The steps are the following;

Come up with a concept

You need to know what your video is about, decide the concept of your video ( Know your audience, what you want to achieve with the video and what message you want to convey. This is important in the whole process and this step is very important if you skip this step, you could end up making a video that will fail you in the end.

Write a script

You must write a script about what to do when shooting; your script shouldn’t be complicated, including changes in camera angle, background, or closet.


This is the third stage, where you must perform pre-production planning. This planning consists of several things like; Explore a location, all the equipment you need, get permits if possible, review your script, talk to the actors about their roles, choose the time and date for the shoot, decide on a budget, and many others ( This step consists of several things.

Record the video

Here is the day finally; there are several details to hit on this day. If you’ve done the right things in the steps above, everything will run smoothly on the day of the shot, and if not, you’re ready to face challenges.

Edit the video

After shooting, you need to edit the video to make it perfect. It is not difficult to edit the video, but in the case of more than just basic editing, a professional does it better.

Encode the video

In order to be successful, your video must be encoded correctly because a good edit will not limit viewing of people across multiple devices.

Distribute and optimize the video.

In this step, the video must be optimized and distributed through the correct channels, which means that the correct content must be added to the title and description. Use subtitles if necessary and choose the correct category for the video.

Promote the video

This is always the final step; this is by sending commercials to local news stations, earning shares and likes through social media platforms.